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Artificial Turf Means A Cleaner Pool

Pools are a lot of fun in the hot Dallas sun, but they’re also a lot of work to maintain unless you’ve installed artificial turf. Pool and patio artificial grass reduces the expense and downtime associated with professional cleanings, as well as the amount of chemicals required to keep the water crystal clear. Without an unending amount of dirt and grass in the water, the hottest days can be enjoyed sunning and swimming, rather than mowing, sweeping, and skimming.

How Does Artificial Turf Make a Cleaner Pool and Reduce Maintenance?


Artificial turf around pool areas addresses many root causes of soilage, including:

  • Grass clippings – Freshly mowed lawns produce clippings that easily stick to wet feet and legs, ending up in the pool. The grass floats, making it difficult for filters to catch. Artificial turf never needs mowing or trimming, so you won’t have to worry about it.
  • Insects – Sick of fishing dead bugs out of the pool? While there will always be a few thirsty fliers that fall in, artificial grass lacks microbes and soil necessary for most bugs to survive. Without mud, you won’t have to worry about wasps nesting around the pool area. Artificial grass channels water down below the surface, so there won’t be areas for mosquitoes to populate.
  • Mud – Dirt from surrounding soil is the top contaminant in swimming pools. High traffic combined with splashing causes puddles of standing water to form, killing natural grass, and creating mud. Soupy, sticky mud on the bottoms of kid feet finds its way into the pool. Cloudy, murky water is unsettling for homeowners and a liability for residential complex owners.

Hidden Benefits of the Artificial Turf Pool Deck


An artificial turf pool deck is not only cleaner but better all around. The added benefits of installing artificial turf around the pool area include:

  • Quick-drying grass that doesn’t smell when wet
  • Reduced risk of slipping on wet cement or wood
  • Durable appearance that withstands worn tracks, even with heavy foot traffic
  • Comfort for bare feet– no thorns, prickly weeds, roots, or stones hidden in the grass

Customize Your Space with Many Options for Artificial Turf Around Pool Area


Synthetic grass pool surrounds come in many different shapes and sizes. Artificial turf can be cut and shaped to fit the pool shape, sidewalks, landscaping, and unique features of your property. For example, we can install a patch to fix a troublesome area or create a whole artificial turf pool deck. A quick, obligation-free consultation will show you all that’s possible with synthetic grass pool surrounds and help you budget for this project.

At Synthetic Greenscapes, we specialize in improving Dallas residents’ quality of life with a cleaner, greener alternative to conventional grass and sods. Contact our team of trained and experienced professionals to learn more about installing artificial turf around pool areas. Offering the highest quality synthetic lawn products and services in the industry, we’d love to show you how to create the low-maintenance lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of and keep your swimming paradise cleaner than ever been before.

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