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Three Reasons Why Pet Turf is a “Must-Have” for Dog Lovers

Dallas dog lovers are making the switch to artificial pet turf to maintain beautiful, green lawns while giving their pets a safe, clean place to romp. Installing a pet turf yard allows our furry friends to spend more time outside without worrying about parasites, property destruction, or muddy paws. Unlike fresh sod– which is susceptible to wear and tear, insects, weeds, and drainage issues– a pet turf installation provides a truly superior alternative.

Synthetic GreenScapes Pet Turf

Consider pet turf for your property in Dallas as an ideal solution, giving you:

  • A green, clean yard all year round
  • A safe, non-toxic play space for dogs
  • A low-stress lifestyle with less time spent cleaning.

Here at Synthetic Greenscapes, we specialize in synthetic lawn products and services and believe a beautiful lawn and the love of our pets shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. We install durable pet-friendly turf in residential backyards, as well as in commercial settings at groomers, kennels, boarding facilities, dog parks, and pet resorts. Our greenscapes work wherever the need for low maintenance beauty and durability is most needed. Request a free consultation for pet turf installation in Dallas.    

1.      Green and Clean All Year Round


Durable artificial pet turf stays green and lush all year, with no need to water, fertilize, or tend to hot spots of dead grass caused by urine. Puppies and dogs can still do their business out on a nylon fiber lawn as usual. Other debris is easily picked up while urine drains down like a normal lawn, preventing mold or mildew. It also requires significantly less maintenance, such as– weeding, mowing, watering, and fertilizing. Our installation experts recommend hosing the turf with soapy water every so often for maximum freshness.

2.      Safer Fun for Furry Friends


Ants, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and other parasites find no food or shelter on artificial turf, so insect-borne illness risks are significantly lowered. There’s also no need to treat the lawn with harmful chemicals to remove pests or unsightly weeds. Lawn treatments have been associated with skin rashes and vomiting, eye irritation, and respiratory illness. With artificial pet turf, dog owners can increase the amount of playtime outdoors with the soft, paw-friendly feel of our greenscapes.

3.      More Time Enjoying Life, Less Time Cleaning


Another advantage of artificial turf is that it doesn’t create mud on rainy days. By design, it’s channeled to carry water away from the lawn surface. Dogs with curious paws will be unable to dig enormous potholes they may be accustomed to– which means less mopping and fewer emergency baths. Active dogs can run and play without wearing greenspaces down to mud. Without grass clippings or loose weeds, there is no concern about tracking debris into the house after playtime.

Artificial Pet Turf is a Safe, Natural-Looking Lawn Alternative for Dogs and Their Humans


At Synthetic Greenscapes in Dallas-Fort Worth, 100% client satisfaction is our primary focus. We use top-quality products and send a team of trained and highly-skilled professionals to ensure long-lasting results. Give us a call to see our portfolio of work and imagine how pet turf installation can improve the quality of life for your family.

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