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How Artificial Grass Increases Your Home Value

Like a remodeled kitchen or a fresh coat of paint, a well-manicured lawn increases curb appeal and remains a favorite feature among prospective homebuyers. A green lawn enhances a property’s aesthetics and makes a great first impression. Moreover, real estate sale prices indicate that a beautiful landscape increases a home’s value. According to Coldwell Banker, landscaping can provide a 100 percent return on your investment and may boost a home’s resale value by up to 15 percent.

However, a natural lawn that is kept lush year-round comes at a significant cost. Irrigation can cost hundreds of dollars each month and diminishing water supplies are pushing more homeowners to seek environmentally friendly solutions. A popular solution is artificial grass installation. Today’s synthetic turf has come a long way in texture, appearance, and longevity.

A professionally installed artificial lawn offers a number of advantages over natural grass that may make your home even more attractive to potential buyers. Why are homes with synthetic landscapes selling at higher price points? Besides superior curb appeal, here are four key reasons:

Artificial Grass DFW is Low Maintenance

Artificial landscape grass is practically maintenance-free. Homeowners with natural lawns spend hours fertilizing, watering, mowing, and weeding every week. These time-consuming tasks are a thing of the past with an artificial lawn. Instead, a light spray with water and occasional raking is all that’s needed to keep your lawn in tip-top shape.

A Synthetic Lawn Saves Water

In years past, extreme droughts were limited to California, Arizona, and New Mexico. However, this crisis is becoming more prevalent throughout different regions of the country, including North and Central Texas. For this reason, more homeowners are looking to artificial turf as a sustainable option. In housing markets where water supplies are limited, prospective buyers will pay top dollar for properties with artificial lawns.

Artificial Lawns Are More Affordable

Initially, installing an artificial lawn may seem costly. Yet, once you consider the savings in water bills, maintenance, chemicals, and landscaping, it is more cost-effective than natural grass in the long run. When properly cared for, artificial grass can last up upwards of 15-20 years, making this landscape choice a smart return on investment.

Synthetic Turf is Durable & Kid Safe

Modern artificial grass is designed and manufactured to withstand heavy foot traffic and still look great. Moreover, it doesn’t require the application of insecticides and herbicides that often contain harmful chemicals. Quality synthetic turf is soft to the touch, made with environmentally-friendly materials, and can handle being trampled by little feet.

Reap the Benefits of North Texas Artificial Grass

At Synthetic Greenscapes, we install top-quality artificial landscape grass to homeowners throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We are a locally operated company that takes pride in offering innovative turf products and professional service. For more info on how our products can increase your home value or request a free estimate, please contact us today!

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