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Reasons Why Artificial Turf Is Good for the Environment

In the past, when people thought about artificial turf as an option for their lawns, images of it were not aesthetically appealing. It looked plastic and fake. Today, however, at Synthetic Greenscapes, we want Dallas-Fort Worth area residents to see that modern artificial turf is lush and soft. Read on to find out why getting artificial grass installation could be an amazing option for your Texas home that looks good and is good for the environment.

Synthetic Greenscapes need less water.

When you live with a natural grass lawn, you need to keep your sprinkler system going, especially in the Texas heat. Natural grass needs watering anywhere from one to three times per week, depending on where you live. With artificial turf, this is not necessary. You’ll only need to occasionally wash it to eliminate debris and dust. Using less water allows homeowners to conserve water, a great move for people trying to be environmentally conscious and save money.

Artificial turf will reduce the amount of air pollution.

When you have a natural lawn, you are constantly mowing, leaf blowing, edging, and other activities that require energy to power the tools which create air pollution. By deciding to switch to artificial grass, all of the above are no longer necessary, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It produces less landfill waste.

So much weekend yard work involves filling up plastic trash bags with clippings, trash, and any other items you must haul away when you are finished. With artificial landscape grass, it no longer necessary. This means that you won’t contribute anything to local landfills which produce methane, carbon dioxide, water vapor and trace amounts of nitrogen among others. These gases contribute to climate change and smog if left uncontrolled. Keep the air clean with synthetic grass.

Artificial turf doesn’t require toxic chemicals

Artificial turf will remain non-toxic since you will never have to use chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and other weed killers. This is good news for people who have children and pets and want them to be safe when they play outside. If you’re not using these chemicals, they won’t find their way into local water sources.

Get a Beautiful, Environmentally Friendly Synthetic Lawn

Synthetic turf has come a long way, making it a smart option for homeowners who are concerned with aesthetics, costs, and being environmentally conscious. If you’re thinking about using synthetic grass in DFW, we can help. We take pride in the quality of our service and family atmosphere. We use the most modern installation practices and industry-leading products.

Contact us to learn more about why choosing artificial turf may be one of the best moves you can make for your home.

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