3 Advantages of Putting Green Turf

Putting Green

Synthetic GreenScapes offers several options for putting greens such as a bent grass option that gives the truest ball roll in the market today. Putting green turf has the following 3 advantages:

#1: It Saves Water

The grass is resource intensive because, well, it’s grass. As a living thing, it needs to be fertilized and watered. If you put down a putting green all around your holes, that’s a lot of savings in terms of care and feeding. In fact, added up over an 18-hole golf course, that can be a lot of ground you don’t have to spend any water on.

#2: It Saves Time and Energy

The grass is a huge pain to maintain. In addition to feeding and watering, it has to be cut, and the clippings have to be swept off the playing area. By replacing even part of the grass with putting green turf, that’s another section that never has to be trimmed, swept, or otherwise fiddled with. Even better, the putting green tends to be the part that most needs to be short and smooth, which are two qualities it will maintain indefinitely.

#3: Putting Green Turf Is, Well, Green

Can a putting green be more environmentally friendly than actual grass? It can, actually. Because these greens can be made from post-recycled content, meaning they didn’t use any new resources to make. If you combine that with all the resources they save over the long-term, that’s an impressive amount of carbon they’re keeping out of the atmosphere, as well as a huge amount of water they’re storing in the ground.

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