Is the North Texas Summer Too Hot for Artificial Grass?

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Is the North Texas Summer Too Hot for Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass in the DFW area does indeed get warmer than well-watered natural grass because artificial grass doesn’t take in water. However, it will never get so hot that it will be uncomfortable to the touch or would pose a risk of burning human feet or pet paws. In fact, artificial grass will remain cooler than other materials that absorb more heat, such as paving stones, asphalt driveways, and decking.

In North Texas, artificial grass makes a lot of sense. It’s easy to care for, looks gorgeous, and supports water conservation efforts. However, many homeowners and business owners may have concerns about whether artificial grass gets hot in our climate.

Does artificial grass get hot? Can artificial grass be kept cool?

Although you’ll never have to worry about synthetic grass heating up to the point of causing discomfort to pet paws or human feet, you may be interested to know that there are ways of keeping the grass even cooler. The most important step is to choose your artificial grass installer carefully. A reputable company, such as Synthetic Greenscapes, can recommend a higher quality of artificial grass that is capable of quickly losing any absorbed heat. In addition, knowledgeable and experienced installers understand how to choose an ideal infill material for maximum heat loss.

Does heat damage artificial grass?

As hot as it gets in the summer in North Texas, artificial grass won’t get hot enough to sustain damage. Different artificial grass products have varying melting points. These can range from 250 to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. As you can see, it’s not possible for direct sunlight to heat the grass enough to damage it. It is sometimes possible for sunlight magnified by glass to cause blades of artificial grass to soften and curl up. However, this is easily avoided by installing inexpensive anti-glare film in the windows of your home or commercial building.

You may notice that natural grass stays relatively cool under the hot Texas sun. This is thanks to its water content. However, during drought conditions, property owners and managers may need to substantially cut back on their irrigation. When natural grass dries out and dies due to lack of water, it will feel hotter to the touch.

When installing greenscape features in North Texas, water usage is always an important consideration. Due to the need to conserve water in our hot climate, many homeowners and commercial property managers have decided to switch to artificial grass in the DFW areas.

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