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Cleaner Pools With GreenScapes Artificial Turf

Swimming pools provide numerous benefits, but the proximity of a natural lawn and trees makes upkeep a labor-intensive and often costly- task. But what if you could enjoy the best of both worlds– lush landscaping and sparkling water that is free of grass clippings and yard debris? Artificial turf by Synthetic Greenscapes makes that possible.

Artificial Turf around Pools

Installing artificial turf around pools has gained traction in Texas, and for a good reason. An artificial turf pool deck keeps your pool cleaner while increasing the longevity of your filter system. Our synthetic turf looks and feels much like natural grass and is virtually maintenance-free. Consider some of the ways artificial turf keeps your swimming pool clean.

No More Yard Clippings & Debris

A natural lawn requires regular mowing, resulting in grass clippings and debris that can blow into the pool or be tracked in by wet feet. This isn’t an issue since artificial turf doesn’t grow. If you are concerned about comfort or aesthetics, rest assured that synthetic grass is pleasing to the eye and super soft on bare feet. What’s more, artificial turf does not retain heat.

Superior Drainage

A pool with synthetic grass also has better drainage compared to natural lawns.  When family and friends are splashing around or doing cannonballs, artificial turf prevents puddles and slip hazards from forming. This is an important advantage for pools used by small children, who can also track dirt and mud into the water.

Good drainage around the pool keeps water-logged soil from leaching into the water after particularly hard rains. This sediment can create murky water– and take a long time to filter out. Synthetic grass is very permeable and can effectively drain dozens of liters of water every minute.

Pets Won’t Dig

Have a dog that loves to lie in the grass or make burrows? Our artificial turf products are lifesavers. Fido won’t be tempted to dig holes, and this means no more dirt or mud tracked around the pool and home.

No Chemicals Needed

Synthetic turf has another advantage for pool cleanliness and safety. It eliminates the risk of fertilizers and pesticides entering the water. In addition, our artificial turf will never mildew.

Protect Your Investment

Artificial turf is a cost-effective way to keep your pool cleaner and reduce weekly maintenance. Learn more about our synthetic lawn products and services, and reach out for a free quote today. We are a trusted dealer of artificial turf in Dallas Fort-Worth and the surrounding areas.

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